Does PRN offer benefits?

Yes. Medical/Dental/Vision as well as work perks (discounted tickets, events, etc…)

How often do I be paid?

Weekly, every Friday.

Does PRN offer sick pay? Does PRN offer vacation pay?

As you accrue sick pay, you are allotted 3 sick days pay per year. No, we do not offer vacation pay.

I forgot to turn in my timesheet by Sunday, what do I do?

Notify the office on Monday as soon as possible so they can alert payroll and / or email payroll at

What is the 24 hour on call number?


What is the 24 hour on call number?


What are the pay rates?

Pay rates vary by facility and health systems. This will be discussed with any staff before they start an assignment at any facility.

What’s the difference between travel, local travel , master booking and per diem?

Travel : Usually a 13 week contract more than 50 miles away from your permanent residence. Can vary in length sometimes 6 or 8 weeks. Three shifts a week, with guarantees, housing/meals/incidental/travel stipends included. 

Local Travel: similar to Travel, just closer to the facility than 50 miles from your permanent residence. Will also vary in length from 6-8-13 weeks. Some form of stipend included and guarantees.

Master Booking: Per diem shifts, but pre-booked on a master schedule. This is usually booked 2 weeks or 1 months worth of a schedule at a time.

Per Diem: As needed/wanted. Work as many or as few shifts as you want. Get experience at multiple facilities within multiple health systems.

What is the process for cancelling a shift?

Call 714-832-5776. You need to cancel a shift with as much notice as possible and absolutely no later than 2 hours before the start of a scheduled shift.

How do I view my paycheck?

You can view your paycheck using Intuit.

There is an error with my paycheck, who do I contact?

Please contact payroll at or phone the office at 714-832-5776 and ask to speak with someone in payroll.

Who do I contact about shift availability?

In the online Workforce Portal Application, you can place your weekly availability so the staffers can see it. You may also call the office at 714-832-5776 to go over shift availability

Is there a minimum shift requirement?

Most of our facilities require a minimum of 1 shift a month commitment, with some facilities requiring minimums per week. This varies by each facility PRN works with. Ideally, PRN is looking for a minimum of 2-3 shifts a month for per diem staff and more for travel and local contract.

Are shifts guaranteed?

Travel: Yes
Local Travel: Yes
Master book: No
Per Diem: No

Does PRN provide trainings for CEU’s?

We have various platforms and internal offerings currently underway. Annual competencies completed with PRN are JCAHO compliant.

When do I get my badge and what do I do if I lose it?

Once you complete all onboarding paperwork a badge will be sent to you. If you lose a badge, PRN will replace it for $5 cost.

What are the office hours?

8:30 am- 5:00pm

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